About MarketX

MarketX is a one-stop shop for over 300 family offices, funds, and high net worth individuals to access high growth private tech investment opportunities.

What is MarketX

MarketX helps you capitalize on the rise of the "Private IPO"

Instead of going public, many late-stage tech companies are considering the "private IPO". This is when startups raise rounds of over $300M from investors, providing them with enough capital to delay an IPO by years.
                                                             Private vs. Public  Value Creation
Why Private Markets

More value is captured in the private markets

More and more value is being captured in the private markets for tech startups. As companies decide to stay private longer, this will be an ongoing trend. In 2020 alone, the private technology sector has used this to raise over $220 billion.
Private vs. Public Market Returns
Why MarketX

Exclusive deals, research and advice at your fingertips

Keep a balance of $100,000+ in your MarketX investment account and gain:
Global Offerings
Access to investment opportunities in high-growth companies all over the world from your smartphone.
Global Network
Our Managed Fund provides our clients with access to deals in the US and emerging markets focused on social impact.
Lower Fees
MarketX provides investors of late-stage startups with low-cost investment management services.
Track Record
MarketX has generated high returns for clients in the complicated process of purchasing private shares on the secondary market.
Founder and ceo

Cathryn Chen

Previously, Cathryn worked at Deutsche Bank, Rothschild in London, and J.P. Morgan Hong Kong, where she contributed to dozens of IPOs and private placements including Alibaba and Xiaomi. Prior to the Twitter and Alibaba IPOs, she witnessed first-hand the pent up demand for pre-IPO shares which led her to found MarketX. She also worked at EverString, an ad- tech startup backed by Lightspeed Partners and Sequoia Capital, bringing predictive analytics to sales and marketing teams at Fortune500 enterprises.